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    Providing moduleFactory to PopupWrapper

    Anthony.R Level 2



      I have a number of modules that use the PopupWrapper component.  Since moving to Flex 4 I have noticed that my styles, which are also loaded form a module in the shell application, are not being applied.  In order to solve this problem I need to pass a moduleFactory to the PopupWrapper.  This is where I'm running into issues.


      Since moduleFactory isn't bindable I can't simple pass it into PopupWrapper in my MXML.  My next approach was to use a behaviour and apply the moduleFactory during the opening event but by then it is too late.  Next, I decided to listen to changes to the parent property in my behaviour and when it changed I could apply the moduleFactory.  After debugging this solution I discovered moduleFactory was still null.  Finally, I tried extending PopupWrapper in order to set moduleFactory during the getPopup function.  Doing this also resulted in moduleFactory being null.


      Has anyone been successful in passing a moduleFactory to PopupWrapper in order to allow styles to be applied properly?