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    Flash application launcher

      I have a set of fully interactive flash applications which include external images & flv's (launched from a folder called 'media' and pdf files (launched from the 'fscommand' folder).

      These are separated into project folders.

      I would like to create a new interface with a set of buttons to launch each application. I've started the coding using

      on (release) {
      fscommand ("exec", "filename.exe");

      but I guess this means that all the application files and associated folders have to be kept in the 'fscommand' folder of the launcher file.

      I'm not sure how to tell actionscript to look in each of the separate project folders for the relevant .exe file.

      Any suggestions would be great, thanks!

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          DazFaz Level 1
          On the face of it, I would imagine if you treat the fscommand folder as your root directory then any calls for applications within sub folders would work something like this:


          the "myFirstDirectory" being the sub directory inside of the fscommand (root)directory.
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            You can use the


            to get out the fscommand directory and into another.



            will goto


            Hope this helps.

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              DazFaz Level 1
              FlashJester Support Team, I was under the impression that the security issues that have been raised in the past (stupid I know) but the sandbox rules kick in to stop an application developed in Flash drilling downward. Meaning that you cannot jump out of the fscommand directory. You used to be able to do this in earlier versions of Flash but, as far as I know, in Flash 8+ this cannot be done. Well not unless you use a third party app.
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                tristram23 Level 1
                FlashJester Support Team, I'm quite new to actionscript and I'm not sure how to use your suggestion, can I add it to the code that I've got...

                on (release) {
                fscommand ("exec", "filename.exe");

                ...or do I need to structure it differently?

                Thanks for your help