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    Wireframing in Fireworks CS4 - question of layout

    Olivia Vaughn

      Hello.  I am trying to design a website wireframe in Fireworks, CS4 which will eventually be moved and created in Dreamweaver.  I am new to this, this is my first attempt at website building and I know only what I have learned through watching tutorials. 


      I am following one particular tutorial on Lynda.com which is guiding me through the process of creating the wireframe work in Fireworks.  The prototype example that they are designing will vary from mine and this is where my question arrises. The site prototype they are creating has many different design panels etc, one strip along the top for the main navigation tabs then one separate box for the content etc.  I would like my web homepage to have only one "box" at least esthetically speaking... design wise, I want it to be very simple, with only one "content box" in the center of the page (with a large faded-out image in it) and then, instead of along the top having the main navigation menu, having it instead placed along the left hand side.


      So...  my question is do I still need to make header "box" and a content "box" or can I make just one of these.  When html coding comes in to play, I assume I need to do it right and that maybe it need to have each of these "boxes" even if they are invisible and if so, can the where do I place/what info needs to be located within this "header box".  I hope that this makes sense but realize that it may not.