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    Contribute 4 and new Google owned-Blogger - connection problem

      There was an old thread on this topic but no resolution from Adobe... only user solution seemed to be an upgrade to new Contribute CS3 which I cannot do.

      I have a new Google Blogger account, I want to manage my blog through Contribute 4. There is a connection issue - the preset configuration for Blogger on Contribute is not valid, I do not know what to put into the wizard to configure manually to get round this issue.

      Please can someone confirm that Contribute 4 IS compatible with the new Google-owned Blogger system and how to set up the connection... or if I need to download some sort of patch/update to get this working. This is a huge issue for me right now ;-(

      Thanks anyone and everyone for any help you can give me.

      Yours somewhat despondent...
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          Let me second this call for support. I originally purchased Contribute 4.0 for the express purpose of uploading my Blogger site when the program was originally brought to market. When I first learned the wizard was programmed incorrectly, I exhausted all of the available support channels and was told months ago that the fix was coming. Here we are almost a year later and the largest blog platform in the nation can't be accessed by Adobe's offering for the masses. Has the Dreamweaver culture been totally absorbed and discarded into the Adobe citadel?