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    CS4 / CS3 licensing issues & uninstalling errors

      Hi everyone,


      Last year on November, I had installed a trial version of AE CS4 on my Mac 10.5, after the 30 days, I purchased CS4 production premuim and installed into my Mac machine. Since then CS4 cannot be used because of "License Expired," I have been consulting with Adobe Techical Support to use CS3 and CS4 cleaner to clean the affected files, and even to fool the computer clock, but I still cannot reslove the issues for over 9 months. 
      Recently, I tried the following suggested solutions:

      - Copying Adobe PCD, caps, backup folder to desktop and reluanched the applications -- doesn't work!!

      - Fooling computer clock -- doesnt' work!

      - Deleting the FLEXnet Publisher preferences folder - doesn't work!

      - Running the License Repair Tool "LicenseRecoveryLauncher.app" - 2 attamps still don't work!

      - Repairing Disk Permissions - doesn't work!

      Now, my Adobe crisis are

      1)  Can't unistall both CS3 and CS4 application:

           error : The alias "Uninstall Adobe After Effects CS4 [or other application name]" could not be opened, because the original item cannot be found.

           error : The alias "Add or REmove Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium" could not be opened, because the original item cannot be found.


           PLEASE HELP to fix the Alias / something else for uninstall both CS3 / CS4 applications


      2) CS3 Design Premium is corrupted by CS4 "License Expired" and the error message is "Licensing for this product has stopped working.


           PLEASE HELP to fix the CS4 "License Expired" issues



      Thanks in advance for your valuable time!!


      Distressed Karen