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    Matching clip quality for export

    koramak Level 1

      I am having some trouble exporting at original quality. I'm editing a clips from a Canon 5dmk2, 30fps, 1920x1088.

      I'm using the corresponding sequence settings for DSLRs.


      I am taking clips and adding external audio to them, then I want to export them at full quality to be edited together later. I thought if I clicked "Match sequence settings" when exporting that it would export them at the same quality they came in at, but the files are smaller when they finish the export and they should be only marginally different when exported since I'm switching out audio tracks. How do export the clips at the exact quality they came in at?

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          koramak Level 1

          Those of you who are viewing, please let me know if there is something unclear about my question so I can clear it up and get some help.

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            Your question is pretty straightforward..you want to export with a lossless codec with as little compression as possible to to re-import later...

            I'm sure someone will help out soon with suggestions...I use cs3 instead so I can't help you unless I start googling the subject and searching the forum....

            I'll get back to you after doing some research...but I'm sure those using cs5 would be better able to help from "experience" etc...

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              koramak Level 1

              Thanks, I've been doing some googling but I find very little about CS5 out there, that's why I keep coming back to the forums. Thanks for the help.

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                can you post a gspot screenshot of your source video? I have no clue what codec that camera uses etc


                ps. also, what is that , 4.2.2 ?

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                  koramak Level 1

                  And I don't know, I'm a non-editor stuck editing...

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                    OK...you can try this...I just tested with as close a clip as I have...

                    My clip is 1920x1080 ( same as yours..you do NOT have 1920x1088)...24fps, QT mov, codec: mipb, codec name: apple motion jpeg B...

                    1.778 (16:9)...89 meg for about 11 seconds of video.  Thats my original video... my video came from the red camera originally-was converted to this.


                    Yours is 1920x1080, --gspot says its 29.97 but I bet its really 30fps...so use 30fps ( look in manual to be sure )...

                    codec: avc1 , codec name h.264....This is pretty heavily compressed...


                    Sooo, I can suggest an export for you .... this will be interesting cause I'm using desktop custom export settings...as you will too...but I dont know what your cs5 looks like so you have to hunt for this stuff a bit...


                    first...here is the general settings of mine..but the codec is DIFFERENT than the picture...this was my first test and I did a 2nd one that came out better...the first one was no good...

                    OK ??  The codec is going to be APPLE ANIMATION instead of what you see in the picture ( jpeg 2000)...


                    export basics-codec TBD.jpg


                    make you audio 48khz...in audio tab...

                    copy everything you see here but use apple animation


                    now some notes:  I exported only about half my source using the workbar to shrink the export down...to save time....This export plays on computer well, but had to be rendered in timeline when imported BACK into premiere before it played well...you will have to test your export in premiere to see if it will edit OK for you.....do a small test ( with workbar area) , export, import and test it...you will also have to export it again at some point and you might as well do THAT test also...before doing your whole video.....OK ?


                    2) the original file size of my source in workbar area was about 43 megs.  the EXPORT is 353 megs.  Very BIG increase !!! and this export (workbar area I used) is only about 6 seconds.  So that's 353 megs for 6 seconds. Your file will be very large when you export....


                    Good luck...and I'm sure others will have ideas too !


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                      ugh, forgot ...one more note:

                      my export ended up being

                      codec: rle  codec name: qt animation (rle)

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                        Jeff Bellune Level 5

                        CS5 Exporting Tutorial


                        It covers the limitations of the "Match Sequence Settings" checkbox, as well as new CS5 presets that really do match what you have in your sequence.



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                          Jeff, Im just curious...


                          In this case with h264 source, and he's gonna come back into premiere to edit more...and then export again, is it better to stay with the h264 ( match the current settings so to speak ) or is it better to get OUT of that compression for the re-import and subsequent EXPORT again... ???  Just curious about how that compression deals with that many steps...I have no clue.



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                            Jeff Bellune Level 5

                            Each compression with a temporal codec like H.264 incurs a generational loss of quality.  For re-editing, exporting to a lossless codec like Lagarith is usually necessary to avoid quality hits from re-encoding.  A prime consideration when using a lossless codec is storage space.  File sizes will go way up.



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                              Thanks Jeff...

                              In this case, lets say he doesnt do ANY video editing and is ONLY swapping out some sound..coming back into premiere for that and then re-exporting ( frankly dont quite understand that ...why not do the sound stuff now? and not export...but that's another issue sorta ) - would it matter that much keeping it mpeg ? Guess it depends on final delivery requirement ( like if he downsizes it would probably make up for the hit on quality )..


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                                shooternz Level 6

                                @ the OP


                                I understand that you have external audio but..why are you exporting clips for "editing later" ?