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    How can I replace the Python cgi script with CF

    mcollins323 Level 1
      I am testing the sample app and want to just use CF to track peer ids.

      Can you give me the api to the web service calls.

      I can then create the CFC to handle this.

      In order to use the sample application that you built, you need to setup your web server and host the provided Python script (reg.cgi) for exchanging peer IDs. Please note that setting up the web service is not needed for the hosted VideoPhone sample. In VideoPhoneLabs.mxml, please set WebServiceUrl accordingly. You may also use Google Apps to host this web service (minimal modifications required).

      The Python script should be placed in the cgi-bin location according to your web server installation. The database is an SQLite3 database. In reg.cgi, please edit the location of the database in variable dbFile.

      You also need to create a database scheme using the followings:

      CREATE TABLE registrations (
      m_username VARCHAR COLLATE NOCASE,
      m_identity VARCHAR,
      m_updatetime DATETIME,

      PRIMARY KEY (m_username)

      CREATE INDEX registrations_updatetime ON registrations (m_updatetime ASC);