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    how to center a custom slider skin

    Mainmanian Level 1

      I am unable to center a custom slider inside an HBox. Currently, the HBox contains an image, the custom slider and a color picker. When teh program runs, the slider seems to always be bottom justified. As you see below, my HBox does have verticalAlign to be "middle". I have attached below snipperts of code containing teh style and the HBox definition. Would appreciate any insight. Thanks, Ramesh


          thumbDisabledSkin: Embed(source="kudukSlider.swf", symbol="Slider_thumbDisabledSkin");
          thumbDownSkin: Embed(source="kudukSlider.swf", symbol="Slider_thumbDownSkin");
          thumbOverSkin: Embed(source="kudukSlider.swf", symbol="Slider_thumbOverSkin");
          thumbUpSkin: Embed(source="kudukSlider.swf", symbol="Slider_thumbUpSkin");
          trackHighlightSkin: Embed(source="kudukSlider.swf", symbol="Slider_trackHighlightSkin");
          trackSkin: Embed(source="kudukSlider.swf", symbol="Slider_trackSkin");




                  <mx:HBox id="fixedControls" width="25%" verticalAlign="middle" height="95%">
                      <mx:Image id="clearCanvasBtn" source="../resources/icons/clearCanvas.png"/>
                      <mx:HSlider width="50" id="scAlpha" minimum="0" maximum="1" value="0" liveDragging="true" toolTip="Transparency" />
                      <mx:ColorPicker id="cp" showTextField="true" selectedColor="0xFFFFFF" />