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    Problems with reading font


      Hi everyone!

      We are working with InDesign Server CS4 and there is a strange problem. I have a document with some different Frutiger Fonts (black, italic, ... ). The fonts are installed on the System and when I open the document with InDesign it's working fine and InDesign finds the necessary fonts.

      When I read the same document with InDesign Server there comes an Exception (com.adobe.ids.IdsException: IDL:com/adobe/ids/IdsException:1.0).


      I use following code:

      Font font = doc.getNthChildFont(x);
      String fontName = font.getName();                         // working
      String fontLocation = font.getLocation();                // --> exception
      String fontPostScriptName = font.getPostScriptName();     // working
      String fontStyleName = font.getFontStyleName();          // --> exception


      Usually this works but somehow not with one document.

      I already created a new Document with the same fonts and then .getLocation() works fine and finds the font on the system.


      Does someone know why this could happen?

      Many Thanks and Regards!