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    Background processing in Flex

      I have two questions here. But, I guess they both are related
      1. I have a calendar application, where I display set of events based on time for a day. I need to start a background process to check if any of the events are scheduled for the next half an hour and show the reminder to the user.
      Like I mentioned, I believe that there should be a background thread running to check the current day event's time against the local time and display reminder.
      2. Next question is, I have a search component, where the user enters the text and clicks on the search to fetch the results based on the text entered.
      I need a little customizable behavior here, where I need to fetch the results based on the user input automatically(without clicking the search button) based on the time lag after the last character entered.

      Any help/views in this regard is highly appreciated.

      Thanks In Advance,