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    Need your help in implementing my Cairngorm Application Successfuly

    kiran7881 Level 1

      Hi ,


      I am trying to do a  a simple Login Example using Cairngorm 2.2 version with Flex and J2EE combinations , on which a successFil login should display Welcome , and not a Valid login Details  should display "Invalid Login"


      Currently for the time being i am harding these Login details to Admin , and Admin respectively .


      I am familar with the basics of Cairngorm therotical part , but not with Pratical part.


      Inside Flex :


      var user:User = new User();

      public function login():void

      user.uname = UITI.text;

      user.pwd= PWDTI.text;

      // Setting this values in a User Value Object and dispatching it thorough a Custom Event called as LoginEvent .





      This is my   User Value Object


      public class User


      public var uname:String ;

      public var pwd:String ;



      As per the Cairngorm docs it says that the Event should be passed through the FrontController


      Please help me now , do i need to get the instance of the FrontControler inside my login function ??


      Waiting for your replies .

      Thanks in advance .