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    Very new to flash, could use some help


      Sorry the title isn't too descriptive, couldn't really think what to put there.


      Anyway, i'm making an 'interactive map' for a game I play. I have the map itself, if was given to me by the game developers, but what i'm trying to do is place points on the map that, when clicked, present a menu that allows them to select an item to be placed. (In this case, the item would be an image.)


      The reason for this, is the game is a third persons hooter and has turrets on the map that you can build, i'd like to make something for everyone to easily be able to share turret strategies, and thought this would be the best option. I've only used flash once or twice, and that was about a year ago when I was in college, so I don't really remember anything useful.


      Thanks in advance.



      PS: Another way I've thought of doing this was having the points be 'snap' points for the images, and having a menu that spawns the turret images on the map that can be dragged by the users to the 'snap' points of the map. Which way would be easier to accomplish, do you think?


      PPS: Would it be hard to give users a way to save their map so they could link it to other people? Or perhaps something like some Flash Games have where they can copy a code and give it to people to input into the flash app/game, the code lets them view exactly what the original person was viewing.