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    Flex Builder 2 OutOfMemory Exception

      I am having a memory problem with both Flex Builder 2 standalone and Flex Builder 2 eclipse plugin.

      I've developed a flex component library that is approximately 1.8MB (as far as the size of the project folder). Whenever I start flex builder I get the following error message found in the .metadata/.og file:

      ENTRY org.eclipse.osgi 2007-07-31 09:56:53.343
      !MESSAGE Application error
      !STACK 1
      at java.net.URLClassLoader$2.run(Unknown Source)
      at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method)
      at java.net.URLClassLoader.findResource(Unknown Source)
      etc. etc. etc.

      The only way I am able to work around this problem is to remove the entire project folder from my workbench, start flex builder 2, then copy the project folder back into eclipse. I then have to follow a few more steps (re-adding .swc files, re-establishing dependencies between projects) before I can begin work.

      I have tried modifying my flexbuilder.ini file and this does not make a difference.

      Current contents of flexbuilder.ini file (as suggested in another, similar thread):


      My computer has 2GB of RAM.

      Any suggestions?