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    FLV seek snaps to nearest 12 seconds


      I'm quite new to OSMF and I'm having an odd problem. I've built a very simple media player that features basic controls and nothing else.


      When I try to seek through my videos however, it skips to the nearest 12 second interval. For example, clicking anywhere at the start seeks to 00:12, click anywhere slightly after that seeks to 00:24, and so on. The seeker is returning the correct duration when I click it, but regardless the player skips to the next 12 second interval. This happens on different FLV lengths too, I tried it with various videos.


      I'm confused as to why this would be, is there some sort of parameter where I can set the seeking to 'precise' or something? I had a scan through the docs and didn't see anything to that effect.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!