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    Flash video streaming stops




      I have a problem with an embedded  flash video not playing to the end, it stops around half way

      It is a 4 minute video with sound, the FLV file is around 24Mo

      This is a normal server not a flash streaming server .


      I have at least 10 other sites on line with a flash video on the home page and they all work fine.on the same server.

      only difference is that this file is about 10 Mo bigger on average.


      I contacted the company where my server is hosted and they say that it looks like a java script problem but

      I am using flash 8 pro standard <object> no java script to detect version etc..


      And of course this all works perfect on my local server .


      Some other stuff I have tried

      encoding with CS4 (yes I have that but do not like it) and exporting flash ver10

      tested in Linux Debian / Ubuntu firefox / Win7 IE, FF, Safari


      Oh yes one weird thing is that if I view the HTML file source in the specific directory on the server it plays till the end


      but not the embeded version in the index/home page, it stops half way


      any ideas pls..


      can I post the URL here to give an idea ??!


      Hope this was clear as I am now a bit muddled!!