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    Exporting HDV to web

    SJurick Level 1

      I've got a video I made using footage of model airplanes from an Canon HDV camera and some graphics in AE that I made using source settings of Premiere sequence.  According to the "Match Sequence Settings" in the Export dialog I get:


      Source:  1440x1080 (1.3333), 29.97 fps, Upper, 48000 Hz, stereo

      Output: 1440x1080 (1.3333), 29.97 fps, Upper, Quality 50


      ... and it wants to save it as .mpeg.  I've exported using these stock settings and I can only view the video in VLC, but not Quicktime on my Mac.  No biggie.  The video looks good but there is some ghosting (double wings) on the edges of fast moving parts of the video, not as clean as the original inside Premiere.


      So I tried exporting to .H264.  Got worse results there.  I get similar results when exporting to FLV/FL4.  Ghosting on edges on fast moving parts of video.  For example when a wing is spinning around I see two wings).  Slower looks better.  Is it HDV that's the issue, my Adobe Media Encoder or the settings of it?


      My goal is to get as close to the original that I can get, just smaller, say width around 500 or so.  Which encoding technique and settings should I be using to get the best video, with sharp edges on the motion.  Also when do you export as 29.97 and when do you export as 30 fps?


      Thanks so much.