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    Reset values of an exclusion/radio-button group to blank


      I've designed an evaluation form for work with numerous categories, each of which has an associated radio-button group to rate the individual in that category.  The radio buttons are "N/A 1  2  3  4  5"  As they're set up as exclusion groups, checking a value will clear other values for that particular item that may have been previously checked - this is working just fine.

      However, the boss just asked me today if there's a way to reset *all* the values for a particular item to a blank state.  An example would be say "Leadership" for which you've given someone a rating, only to find out that individual doesn't *have* any subordinates.  I would say "then check N/A instead" but he wants to totally clear that item, so it's as if nothing were ever checked.

      I'm doing this in LiveCycle Designer 8.0.

      Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!



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