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    column size shift


      I am using CSS to define a tables column sizes. a wide one for content and a narrow one for other stuff. When I jump from one page to another, you can see that the "other stuff" column gets wider or narrower by a couple of pixels. I cannot figure out what is causing it. I guess you could say the content column is getting wider or narrower but the point is the partition between the two shifts. I have in CSS the columns defined as 560 px and 200 px wide for a total of 760.

      What can I do to stop this tiny shift.

      Be it known I am not that great with CSS and consider myself very new at it.


      Oh yeah, you can find the page and assoc files at http://www.lathamfamilyfun.com/index3.htm

      Just jump from one page to the next using the navigation bar and watch the border between the columns shift around.