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    Is is possible to add one DisplayObject to 2 parents?


      Hello world.


      I know the answer to my questions is most likely "No.", but I still wanted to ask to see if someone with a deeper understanding of Flex could help me come up with a solution to my problem.


      I have 2 Canvii.  The first canvas is id=container, and the second id=mask.  Some items in "container" need to mask all objects in "container". That is, a circle in container needs to somehow mask it's square bretheren alongside it in "container".


      The only way I can see being able to do this is add the item from container to "mask".  But the problem is that the object also has to remain in "container" so that it can be manipulated there.  It also has to completely clone the item in container so that if it moves, the mask moves also in-sync. (Like dragging.)


      Is there a way to add a sync'd cloned DisplayObject to a second parent?  I hope, I hope.


      If not, does anyone have a better solution than setting an interval to monitor the items in container, and update their mask clones every 50ms or so?