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    Need help!


      Okay, so I am using premiere elements 7 to edit full length videos and am having massive issues with it on 2 different machines.


      The files I am using are TOD files.


      Machine #1

      Running Microsoft XP

      Intel Core 2CPU

      6300@ 1.86GHZ

      1.86GHz, 2.00 GB Ram   (This all means nothing to me)


      This machine will not let me import the Tod files. I can edit on it okay, but it does freeze and crash often. Rendering takes forever, sometime days. I have to frequently disk clean and defrag all my drives. This helps it crash less frequent but does not get rid of the problems.


      Machine #2

      Running Windows Vista

      Intel Core 2cpu

      E7400@2.80 ghz

      2.79GHz, 3.00GB Ram


      This machine lets me iport the files just fine, however it will not let me burn to disk or mpeg, only lets me create an avi. Again, rendering takes forever ad this one crashes more often, freezing the program and shutting down.




      I have several project files that will not open up, they tell me a serious error has occurred. There are weeks worth of works within these files and they will not open on either machine.


      To edit I am currently having to import on one machine, create an avi, and then take it to the other machine to burn. It is such a hassle.


      I am wondering if anyone has any advice as to how to make this program run smoother, or if I should just get another program.





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          nealeh Level 5
          • Where have these .tod files come from?
          • Use the GSpot Codec Information utility to analyse the file and post a screen image.
          • What project preset are you using?
          • How many disks are on your PC's, how big, how much free defragmented space, are they NTFS format?


          Some basics:

          • Install all Windows updates
          • Install latest version of QuickTime (v7.6.7 at time of writing)
          • Install most recent graphics and sound drivers from the manufacturers web sites
          • Run Disk Cleanup
          • Run Defragmenter
          • Post back here with the necessary information described here: Got a Problem? How to Get   Started


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            This ARTICLE might be helpful, regarding TOD files. There are many links in there.


            Good luck,



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              doclocks Level 1

              Will the files lose quality?

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                doclocks Level 1

                The tod files are from the jvc camera I am using.


                I did the gspot thing, I can't figure out how to get a screen shot without paint though,and I'm not sure what you are needing, it just gives me the file type and mime type.


                File- xml document(.xml)

                Mime- application/xhtml+xml


                I am unsure on the presets


                I am working off of several different drives. Each about 1/2 full. Under the defrag part it left it says 37%


                My comps update automaticaly, and I disk clean and defrag at least once a week.


                Each of my projects are about an hour long. I have gotten all but one to open up between the 2 machines. There is video, audio, and stills in the project.


                I reinstalled the program, but it will let me import files now (still runs super slow and crashes), but still does not let me open my project file. I get "sorry, a serious error has occured"

                I tried disabling my avast, no change, still the same error

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  Will the files lose quality?

                  Unfortunately, I cannot answer that question. I have never worked with MOD, or TOD files, so have not done any conversion with them. Sorry.


                  Good luck,