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    COM Object support in 64-bit - Vague and Unclear


      Dear Adobe Coldfusion, your technote/FAQ on Colfdusion 64-bit says : no support for COM INTEROPERABILITY - http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/403/kb403277.html#_Toc193176418


      Can you please elaborate on that in relation to Coldfusion 64-bit?


      Does this mean 32-bit COM won't work in 64-bit CF?

      Does this mean 64-bit COM will work in 64-bit CF?

      Does this mean wrappers around these 32-bit COM objects won't work?

      Under what circumstances will <cfobject type="COM"> work in 64-bit applications and why doesn't your coldfusion 9 developer's guide have any mention or elaboration on this for developers who actually READ your documentation?


      Don't you think people would need to know, from reading your documentation when working with COM objects, that information like "Coldfusion COM interoperability not supported in 64-bit version" IS IMPORTANT?


      Also, a lot of times these COM objects are 3rd party components which the CF programmer did not code themselves, and just have the COM object interfaces to play with - why would you go and assume we would know what COM INTEROPERABILITY covers, and not provide any further elaboration?



      Lastly, if elaboration on this is available somewhere in adobe.com, please point me in the right direction.