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    Premiere CS5- Rendered Video Choppy, While In Program Playback Is Smooth


      I put together a video that I shot on my Canon 7D at 1080 (30, 29.97 FPS)  While playing it back within Premiere it was smooth.  However, when I rendered the final video, the video came out choppy at some scenes and did not look the same as it did during playback within Premiere.  I had it set to the preset H.264 HDTV 1080, 29.97fps setting and didn't mess with anything else.  Is there a rendering setting that I'm overlooking? 


      I have rendered the video as a 720 video as well and it came out fine (as far as I can tell)


      I'd assume it's not my computer since the playback within the program is fine.  I'm running a 2.53GHz Core Duo MacBook Pro with 4GB of Memory and 256mb of video memory.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!