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    Creating Flash Videos from Java Language


      How can I create a flash video using Java.. (Java and JavaScript have nothing to do with each other, in my world Java Script is a useless technology). Does Flash Professional have a Java API and if so how do I get the JavaDocs and an example to see the complexity of that API.

      Does the Adobe Media Encoder have a Java API that I can use.. if so, JavaDocs and an example?


      Picture having two million directories, each directory has 30 photos and a sound clip. From this I want to produce two million flash movies each movie has 30 photos and the sound clip. Each movie has panning of the photos (Ken Burns, Civil War on PBS). What does Adobe have that I can call from within my Java code or Perl perhaps. I need to do this every two weeks, at least. Using a standard user interface is not going to work, even if I hired half of the planet..

      I have been on the phone with Adobe for two days and have gotten nowhere.. surly Adobe has something which allows me to automate the creation of Flash movies. right?