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    Data Services refresh loses configured input/return types


      v 4.0.1


      I have multiple data services configured (all PHP services).  I have approximately 20-25 functions defined across 6 services, but 4 functions will reliably lose the configured input/return types every time a manual or auto refresh of data services happens.  For example, I have a function:


      saveOrder(OrderHeader:Object, LineItems:Object):Object


      When I right click and "Configure Input Types..." and then "Configure Return Type..." I can set the correct types without any errors.  I will then get the function definition I expect:


      saveOrder(OrderHeader:OrderHeaderFlex, LineItems:LineItemFlex[]):Boolean


      My AS and PHP code don't appear to have errors, as I have successfully tested this function on multiple occasions.  However, if I right click and choose "Refresh" either on the function itself or on my service name, the function will revert to the unknown definition.  It will also happen after the automatic refresh that happens occassionally.  I can configure the data types then immediately click refresh and this function will revert back to unknown even if there have been absolutely no code changes.  I have other services and functions in the same project (some that use the same data types involved above) that do not exhibit this behavior.


      Even when these functions "lose" the data type configuration, my project will still compile and the affected functions will operate as expected.