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    problems with chm search and index

      Hello everyone,

      Moving from WinHelp to HTMLHelp (output .CHM) has been a sad experience for me. The words in my index no longer appear in alphabetical order. Worse, my search tab is useless, as it doesn't even find the words that are in the index.

      What to do? I'm sure I've just clicked a wrong option somewhere, but what? And why is everything so easy with WinHelp, and so imperfect with HTMLHelp?

      Please advise.

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          Hi RCE,

          Try this post for info on the index sorting. It is an issue that has come up a lot on these forums. I never run into it because I use an ancient version of RoboHTML.

          I'm not sure why your search isn't working.

          From my perspective, the problem of complexity is not with HTML Help vs. WinHelp but rather with the goal of single sourcing. Things are more complicated in later software versions because you can do a lot more - even if you don't want to.

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            relsholz Level 1
            Thank you very much. I really appreciate your response. I looked at what you said, but my binary box was already selected.

            As bad words were forming on my tongue, a colleague who has RoboHelp 5 Build 584 opened up my project and had absolutely no problem doing all the things I wanted to do. (I'm using the MORE RECENT RoboHelp x5.0.2 build 801.)
            All he had to do was generate on his machine, and bingo: super sorted index and search. Still, his search doesn't work perfectly either. For instance, it'll find some words, some partial words, but not others. And the search in the French CHM works better than the search in the English CHM.

            Only another 30 years to go until retirement...

            Thanks again and have a pleasant day.