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    Help with assigning go-to-URL actions to buttons (Solved! Thanks!)

      Hi guys,

      It's been donkey's years since I used Flash, and I thought I'd just be able to jump right on in again just to make a little navigation menu with four buttons that each take the user to a different page on the website I'm making. Hah! I've got my four buttons, each state on each of these being a graphic symbol except for the Over state, which is a movie clip. (I'm being detailed just in case anything here is a clue.) I've also got a stop() at the end of each of those movie clips, as I want the mouseover animation to play only once. At this point I return to the stage, drag each of my buttons onto it, give each one an instance name in the Properties box, and.... can't add an action script to any of them. *scratches head*

      Even if I could add one, I can't remember exactly what to put in it, but is this not the right way to do this?

      I tried adding a script to the frame, too, containing what was suggested in a previous response to a previous similar problem (about two posts before this one on the same board), but all I got was a bunch of compile errors and my buttons stopped responding when being moused over. Erm...

      Could someone possibly lend a hand, letting me know where to put the script and what to put in it in order to make my buttons link to URLs?