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    Fireworks rollover doesn't work when exported to DW???

    mathruD Level 1

      For some reason, whenever I export a Fireworks rollover, and place it in Dreamweaver, it doesn't work. The image shows up fine, and the slices are recognized (tested this by adding links to a few of the rollovers), but the rollovers don't execute. The image stays the same. I've been looking all over for a solution to this. The closest thing I can come up with is that the javascript isn't executing for some reason. I don't see a call to any js in the code.


      Can someone please help me out with this? By the way, the navigation bar I'm trying to get to work is part of a Fireworks/DW demo. I've never had a problem doing this before, so I don't know why the problem now.


      This is a link to the file that doesn't work:



      The direct link to the .htm file works fine, though. I don't get it.