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    Duplicate a composition layer in the timeline, at same time make new comp

    garek007 Level 1



      I know that in the project panel I can do Control D and make a new comp. I know that in the layer panel I can do control D and make a new layer for a different comp, which keeps all the animations I have applied to that comp.


      I also know that after I've duplicated that comp in the Project Panel I can Alt drag it to the other comp in the timeline and replace, or swap the comps.


      What I want is to remove a step.


      I have Comp A


      In the timeline I want to duplicate this comp and at the same time create a new Comp B.


      What I want is to be able to duplicate the layer in the timeline, and while doing so also create a new composition which would show up in my project panel. Basically I am trying to skip the extra steps of duplicating layer, going to project panel, duplicating comp, then Alt dragging to swap them.


      Is there a shortcut for this?