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    PagingService with AMFPHP

    =VA=FyreHeart Level 2

      Has anyone successfully used Flex's PagingService data binding with AMFPHP?


      I've walked through the tutorial:

      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Flex/4.0/FlexTutorials/WSbde04e3d3e6474c43c24c72e1215f92c9b6-8 000.html#WSbde04e3d3e6474c4-12817331121644a8ecb-8000


      However, every time I try to right-click on my datagrid and connect to my AMF class, Flash Builder insists on trying to install Zend Framework. I don't want the bloat of Zend since I already have AMFPHP working fine.


      I've gotten paging of a sort working by intercepting scroll bar events, but the result is sluggish. I'm hoping the PagingService will run faster.


      I can't find any docs on how to instantiate the PagingService and bind it to the datagrid with ActionScript. It seems like the above tutorial is all the documentation there is.


      Can someone give me some advice or at least point me to PagingService docs?