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    Load external MovieClip

    evil_muffin_man Level 1

      This might be more complicated than I can handle at the moment but... right now I'm trying to find a way to load custom, animated artwork from and external .swf file. I would like to add a movie clip from the .swf file's library to my application. Happily, the class seems to load successfully: a function I created for it returns the proper value. Since the flex components don't like regular movie clips, I've added a UIMovieClip to the Application, and I add the contructed object to that. But nothing appears! I was puzzled, so I also tried to use the following. The property "container" is the UIMovieClip. When the box is drawn, both it and the external clip display marvelously. But nothing at all shows when the box is not drawn. Why? Is it because it has no dimensions?


      container.visible = true;


      Oh ya, and is there a way to find all of an ApplicationDomain's definitions or loop through them?