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    Adobe Premiere Elements 7 With Worthless Error Messages.


      I have been a programmer since 1984, and if I saw a programmer in my team wrote these worthless error messages, I would go into my office and kill myself.


      I Googled them, and I found them discussed; but the responses were of no use to me, mostly.


      1. The error message I got that brought me to the edge of a cliff is: "Sorry, a serious error has occurred that require Adobe Premiere Elements to shutdown. We will attempt to save your current project."


      Then it crashed.


      When I was taking Operating Systems in my computer science class, a crash means you will get no more than 60 (out of 100). At IBM, a crash is always a SEVerity 1 issue. There is no way around it. Crash means the program is worthless.


      I Googled it, and Adobe suggested it could be some drivers using virtual audio. I uninstalled everything I could find, and this problem is not going away. I looked at the sound device configuration, and it's using physical audio, not virtual audio.


      I uninstalled Premiere Elements 7 five times and reinstalled them. They still failed. Finally, I reinstalled it at a different location, and it managed to "Found default catalog. Trying to open the  default catalog." Then crashed.


      If I wanted to use the default catalog, I would have said so. If I knew where they are, I would have set them on fire.


      Anyway, I have a project due this afternoon, and I am stuck with these worthless Adobe Premiere Elements 7 error messages. No wonder Steve Jobs banned Adobe Flash. They are pretty worthless.


      Sorry I am so upset, because none of you need to read my frustration; but I am up to my neck with Adobe. Once I get my project done, and I am switching to SONY Vegas.


      But, for now, would someone tell me how to get rid of these problems so I can get the video edited? Thank you.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The first thing you need to do is provide hardware and operating system DETAILS


          This is aimed at Premiere Pro, but may help
          Work through all of the steps (ideas) listed at http://ppro.wikia.com/wiki/Troubleshooting

          If your problem isn't fixed after you follow all of the steps, report back with ALL OF THE DETAILS asked for in the FINALLY section, the questions at the end of the troubleshooting link... most especially the codec used... see Question 1


          Read Harm on drive setup http://forums.adobe.com/thread/662972?tstart=0
          - click the embedded picture in Harm's message to enlarge to reading size

          Read Hunt on Partitions http://forums.adobe.com/thread/650708?tstart=0

          A link with many ideas about computer setup http://forums.adobe.com/thread/436215?tstart=0

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            wu1821 Level 1

            Thank you for the reply.

            I am using a Dell Optiplex 3 GHz 2 GB RAM with 1 terra byte of disck space running Windows XP home edition up to date.

            The PE 7 was working for at least 1 year, then I switched to another computer. After that 2-year old Dell computer died I came back, and this program stopped working.


            At this point, it would help is if someone would tell me where in the world the "default catalog" resides. I will just delete them.


            I checked some reply said C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR NAME\Application Data\Adobe\Premiere Elements\7.0, but there is no suck directory on my PC.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I completely agree that most error messages could be a lot more useful and a lot less cryptic. However, PrE is a two-part program. First, it is the editor, that we see, and second it has an authoring module for DVD and BD production. That part is built on the Sonic AuthorCore modules and are licensed from Sonic, as they hold most of the patents on DVD/BD authoring. Sonic builds on many modules and some of those are included in PrE with an abstraction layer (like Encore), plus some semi-automatic features, that work with those modules. Those Sonic modules are famous for not communicating with each other, and almost not at all with the OS. They also do not communicate well through that abstraction layer in PrE (or Encore). Often, the Adobe program gets an error, and little info is provided. It'll guess at what went wrong, and sometimes misses that guess badly.


              Next, when talking about the editing function (which I believe that you are), often it is the OS that does not tell PrE what went wrong, and only that something HAS gone wrong. PrE will struggle to help one Save the Project, before crashing, but sometimes the crash comes much too quickly.


              Where there ARE crashes, poor, and poorly written error messages aside, I find that Event Viewer can be very useful to tracking down what was happening at that point in time. This ARTICLE has some tips. Often, there is a "breadcrumb trail" left behind, and one might be able to sift through the breadcrumbs and find clues. As you mention, driver issues can figure into the mix, and I only wish that in all driver cases, Windows Event Viewer would identify the exact one. Normally, one gets something along the lines of "this event was caused by a driver. If you just installed one, get a better one. If you have not just installed a driver, you are pretty much on your own to figure out which of the 200 installed ones, caused the issue." OK, maybe it's not THAT bad, but close! Also, be sure to look down that article for The Case of the Unexplained. Though specifically targeting Windows, the MS presenter does offer a touch of humor, plus some tools for finding more info. It should be required viewing for everyone on Windows.


              Not sure if John T. linked to this ARTICLE, but I'll add it too. Though written mostly for PrPro, it does offer many good tips, that transcend Pro or Elements.


              Now, while I feel your pain and frustration, let's concentrate on the exact issues. This ARTICLE will give you tips on the info (John T. asked for more too), that would be so very helpful in fixing the issues.


              Though you are probably ahead of the material in this ARTICLE, I'll still throw it out. If you have Win7, be sure to see Black Viper's Win7 Tune Up guide.


              Good luck, and let's see if we can just eliminate the crashes, and then no one has to see those inane and usually totally useless error messages.



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                wu1821 Level 1

                Thank you for the reply.


                When I said "crash" I didn't mean Windows XP crashed. I meant Adobe Premiere Elements 7 crashed. As soon as it said "Sorry, you sorry ***, buy Apple, not Adobe * * *" it crashed. Well, I made up the sorry *** part, but you get the idea.


                I finally managed to find the hidden directory Application Data and deleted everything under Premiere Elements 7.0, and it let me get past the immediate crash thing; but as soon as I created a project with HDV preset, PrE7 crashed after saving the project file.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  I understood that PrE was crashing, and not the OS. Still, there is often a trail left behind. That trail might exist in System, or maybe only in Applications. With some poking around, and some link following, one can often get right to the problem. As mentioned, the link that I hate to hear of is "this was caused by A driver... "


                  In my years of troubleshooting, things normally sort out this way, and in this order:


                  1.) system

                  2.) Assets

                  3.) Project

                  4.) OE

                  5.) Bugs (yes, they do exist, despite everyone's best efforts)


                  Now, I have been very fortunate, in that I seldom see any Adobe error messages. Part of that is because I normally work on a workstation built specifically for video editing, and use PrPro for most work. However, the only crashes that I have had with PrE have been on my laptop (pretty stout machine too), when I was in a hurry, and did not use my own tips in the Clean, Lean... article. Out of curiosity, I usually track things down to a TSR program, or process, that did not play nice. It's usually a "resource" issue in my case, and is often just PrE disappearing, with zero warning, or error message. I know that I have overstepped the bounds, and have also not followed my own recs. I'll shut down those processes, and launch again. I have never had a second crash, and have finished many large Projects. Though I know better, sometimes I just need a not so gentle reminder.


                  Now, I am still using PrE 4, PrPro 2.0 and EncoreDVD 2.0, and am only doing SD Projects. Still, some get rather large, like the 9 hour opus that I am working on now, with 22 Sequences, up to 12 Video Tracks, and 8 Audio Tracks. The Assets number in the 1000's for stills, MOV's, AVI's and hours of WAV files. Because I know not to push the limits, I always set those sessions up, per that article, and have never had even a slow down. The PrE Projects are relatively simple, with maybe an hour, or two of DV-AVI Type II files, all done via Capture.


                  Hopefully, we can get things tuned to the point that you'll never see an error message again.



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                    wu1821 Level 1

                    Thank you for all your replies.


                    I noticed these errors were reported years ago, and Adobe has done NOTHING to improve it.


                    Bill Gates figured if he could make his programmers work harders, computer users wouldn't have to struggle as much. As a result he became the richest man in the U.S. Steve Jobs does the same. Adobe obviously does not share the same philosophy.


                    That being the case, I feel this is just a bad marriage. I would benefit more spending my time learning SONY Vegas than wasting it on this any further. I am like a yellow dog at the cross road. No point throwing in good money after bad. I wasted all afternoon and my project is over due. They got my money like Elin got Tiger's, but it's time for me to move on.


                    Thank you guys for all your replies.

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                      wu1821 Level 1

                      Thank you for the reply, Mr. Hunt.


                      I like Adobe Premiere Elements 3, and it still works for me; but the Premiere Elements 7 is another story. I think a program that says "Sorry" and shuts down is as helpful a reply as "I don't know. I only work here."


                      I don't have the luxury of editing SD videos anymore. Everyone in our business has gone HD, and it's the only format allowed these days if we are to stay in business.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9
                        I noticed these errors were reported years ago, and Adobe has done NOTHING to improve it.


                        Go back to my little list of how problems, crashes and errors sort out. That was how it was way back with Premiere programs, and how it still sorts out.


                        Even the patch for PrE 8 was mainly to get it functioning with nVidia and ATI graphics cards. Yes, those "fixes" probably straddle the line between Bugs and system, with a nod towards Bugs. I know that Adobe takes their Bugs very seriously, and work overtime trying to find fixes for those, that do exist. Though it took a bit of time, as they gathered info, still Adobe had a patch, and that is rare for PrElements, due to the normal lifespan of that program.


                        I provide some of the same answers today, that I did years ago, to fix the problems. In nearly every case, things sort out per that list. As "system" is both #1 and is also by far the largest segment of causes, that is where I begin looking. With PC's, there are myriad configurations, and most are not suited for video editing. Too many load up their e-machine and expect to edit HD material. Obviously, that is not the case here, but there could still be equipment incompatibilities, or just some tweaking needed. I see similar in the PrPro forum, as the Mac-users put the program on their MacBook Pros, with one tiny HDD, and a very weak CPU, and things go horribly wrong. If PrE was ported for the Mac, we'd have the same issues here. Usually, my first question will be about the I/O sub-system, i.e. the HDD's, their size, speed, free space, controller type and how they are allocated. Video editing is highly I/O intensive, and most computers are not even close to being able to efficiently handle it. I recommend a minimum of 3x SATA, physical HDD's, and suggest that they be setup to spread the I/O workload over all three. Some manage with a 2x I/O, but that is below MY minimum, and is the real minimum from Adobe. A single HDD I/O is just going to cause bottlenecks, and there is no way around that.


                        Once, it was more the domain of the PC, that one had system issues, as Mac's were so limited and controlled. Now, as they have gained the ability to expand beyond the absolute control of Apple, those users are finding out that systems DO matter.


                        Notice #2 - Assets. Not all AV material is meant to be edited. Some, like AVCHD (a consumer format) will require a pro-level computer, just to get smooth playback! The second most common issue is trying to edit material that has something like the Xvid, or DivX CODEC.


                        Number 3 - Project, is very important too. One must match their Project Preset to their source footage. If not, then there will be problems. The failure to do this match is one of the biggest causes of issues, though usually not crashes, or hangs.


                        Number 4 - OE, is when a user decides to push a button, and expects something else to happen, and often because that's how it worked in another program. Many argue with me that #2 and #3 are OE too, but I am much more lenient, than they are.


                        Then, there ARE the Bugs. PrPro CS4 had a bunch. CS4.1 fixed a few, but broke some other things. It was not until CS4.2, that things got corrected, mostly, with that version. Then, CS5 hit, and seems quite good, but has a few Bugs too. Some were left over from CS4. A new update for CS5 is coming, and soon. Will it also fix those lingering Bugs? Only time will tell. Will it be a perfect program? Doubtful, but I'll bet that it'll be a "better" program.


                        Think back to when you started programming. You were writing apps. for the majority of the install-base. However, what happened if the user had Extended Memory? What happened if they had Expanded Memory? What happened if they had both, and a software manager to handle those? Most still had 640KB. By that time, I had 2GB, though my MoBo could only handle 1GB with the managers. How could you write for me? I was 1:1000000, or maybe even less. I had to do my programming on the fly, and often had boot discs for different programs. It's not that much different now, except that I would not be such a rarity any more, but hardly mainstream.


                        I'll bet that we can sort much out, by tackling the "Big 3," and then working down, if necessary.


                        I like doing test Projects, keeping things simple, and testing as we make them more complex. That helps isolate the issues in most cases. In another thread, the poor user says that all Project Presets, all formats and all Export setting yield issues. My first thought is to isolate on one Project Preset, one set of Assets, and see if it's a system issue.


                        Sometimes it's easy, and that is good, 'cause the user gets to editing and not fritzing so much. Just nailed one in Encore, but the poster gave me all the data necessary, and my memory did not fail me (maybe it was not "wine-thirty yet?). One post, and one correct answer. Life is good. Sometimes, it takes days, and many posts, to narrow things down. In but a few, there is an answer. In those (like the PGC error in Encore) one never does really solve the issue, and the only hope is to get the OP to start over, do everything by the book, and hope for the best, this time around.


                        Good luck, and be assured - I do feel your pain. If I have not had one of THOSE error messages, believe me, I have read of them too many times.



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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          I am surprised that PrE 7 is causing you issues. Many users felt that it was one of the most stable versions ever. Now, my "jury" is still out on PrE 8, and I almost cringe, when I see "PrE 8," in the title. That one added a lot of "features," and it seems that at least some cause issues. [Kind of like PrPro CS4, mentioned above.]


                          If we cannot get PrE 7 working for you, then a "pox on our houses."


                          Good luck, and do look over the linked articles. See especially that "Got a Problem" article, as the requested info will likely be the key. Might be system, or Assets, or Project, but we CAN get PrE 7 running for you.



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                            wu1821 Level 1

                            The PrE7 has other issues. The one that prompted me to buy SONY Vegas was when the downloaded video and audio were out of sync. SONY Vegas never had that problem. They both have the problems of losing frames, but Adobe never reported losing frames when it did. When SONY loses a frame, it will cut the clip in two. That makes me aware of the loss. When Adobe PrE7 loses a frame, it changes the frame into red. With SONY, I know exactly where I lose the frame. With Adobe PrE7, I will know only when I watch the video, and when I catch it.


                            Those short comings of Adobe didn't prompt me to learn SONY because they weren't that fatal; but crashing is a shortcoming nothing can amend. You can't use a program that's not running.