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    Text Caption appears in Edit Mode but not in Preview Project or Web Browser


      I'm using Cp4 and have downloaded Adobe Flash 10 Active X, it's ver  I've added a simple text caption with these options:


      Timing Display:  Rest of slide

      Appear after:  2.0 seconds

      Transition effect:  Fade in only

      In: .5 seconds

      And Visible is checked


      I also have a simple line that I drew with the draw line tool and included an arrow on the end of it.


      Everything on the screen works including the click box, the animated text and the failure caption.  For some reason the text caption and the arrow are not appearing except in Edit Mode.  In Preview Project, they disapper but the click box, failure caption and animated text work fine.


      I've rebooted, copied this screen into a new instance of Cp4, re-created these objects on a freshly recorded screen, chosen Order: Bring to Front, created a brand new screen completely from scratch and downloaded the Flash 10 Active X version mentioned above.


      They funny thing is, is that the text caption and arrow works fine on other screens in the project.  I have 76 screens total.


      I'm running Windows XP.


      Any suggestions?