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    Location of ADE Books on a Nook??


      I have all of the pieces and parts of ADE and my Nook functioning together but I can't find the ADE ebooks on my Nook  They are not showing up.  I must have missed an important step.  Any idea what I need to do so the Nook sees the ADE books?





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          Did you copy the book from the ADE onto your Nook?  You need to plug your Nook into your computer and when you do, "Nook" will show up in the left column of the ADE.  Click on the book you want to copy to your Nook and drag it over to the Nook.   You should then be able to view the book on your Nook.  If it's not a Barnes & Noble book, you'll see it under "My Documents."

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            Haines641 Level 1

            I did what you suggested, but the books are still not showing up in My Documents or B&N content area. The books in question are two books I downloaded from the library.


            Quite perplexing and thanks for your reply!

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              This works for me thanks for posting.

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                You are a genius, I have been trying to transfer a book I downloaded onto the ADE to my new NOOK Color for two hours...Never having one of these devices I am such a neophyte....have been on the phone to Nook and Adobe when they referred me to this forum as Adobe has no support for products that are free.

                When you said the device appears on the left hand side of the ADE page as 'media' with a little icon that resembles a blackberry...I found it and VOILA, I could drag it to the device; I unplugged the NOOK and found it under 'my files/digital editions' Thank you, I can now move on to something else.

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                  i have the same problem and i've gotten to the point of understanding that i need to download my public library book through ADE to the nook...but my nook doesn't show up in the ade page.  i think i "authorized" the nook, but i'm not certain...can't find a place to check or do it again. i've put the file downloaded from the library directly onto the nook, but it's not in the epub format (.acsm) so the nook can't see it.  so i guess my first help question is how do i get the nook icon into the ade if when i plug the nook in, it doesn't happen automatically?