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    Pause bg Music as FLV plays


      I would like to pause the background music as an FLV with audio plays and have the bg music restart (if possible) after the FLV stops.  I'm a flash newbie so please be very detailed in your reply.  I really appreciate it.


      The website is: iamnvjones.com and the flv movies are on "about me" and contact" page.


      The way the site is setup now....when a visitor clicks "music off", it turns off the sound for the background music and FLV movie.


      Any help is much appreciated!

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          Karthikeyan Ramasamy Level 2

          You might have to explicitly pause bg sound when the video starts.


          1. Declare global sound object. var bgSnd:Sound = new Sound();

          2. Decalre global sound channel. var bgSndChannel:SoundChannel;

          2. Load bgSnd with background music using bgSnd.load()

          3. Play music & assign sound channel by calling bgSndChannel = bgSnd.play();

          4. When loading FLVPlayback, call bgSndChannel.stop() and note down playhead position of bg music in some variable.

          5. Once FLVPlayback is done or user navigated to different page, call bgSndChannel = bgSnd.play(playheadInterval);


          If you have Music OFF/ON button, u can repeat steps 4 and 5 for the same.


          Hope this helps.