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    Flex AdvancedDataGrid - remove default data sorting/shuffling

    Bachir El Khoury Level 1

      I have this AdvancedDataGrid you can view at



      to view the source, right-click -> view source


      It displays a simple ArrayCollection


          private var dpFlat:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([

                        {Region:"Southwest", Territory:"A"},

                        {Region:"Southwest", Territory:"B"},

                        {Region:"Southwest", Territory:"C"},

                        {Region:"Southwest", Territory:"D"},

                        {Region:"NorthEast", Territory:"A"},

                        {Region:"NorthEast", Territory:"B"},

                        {Region:"NorthEast", Territory:"C"},

                        {Region:"NorthEast", Territory:"D"}



      Notice that Region groups "Southwest" and "NorthEast"

      is automatically being sorted and are being displayed in alphabetical order:




      also note that the Territory fields are being shuffled, and are not displayed in the right order I have passed them in.


      how can I disable that default sorting behavior?

      and simply display the data as is!


      What I am expecting is:


          -> Southwest

          ----> A

          ----> B

          ----> C

          ----> D


          -> NorthEast

          ----> A

          ----> B

          ----> C

          ----> D