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    Pan and Zoom Effect, which PE version introduced it?


      I like my PE 3.0 but it does not seem to offer the Pan and Zoom effect. Or am I just not seeing it.  Does anyone know which later version introduced it? I know 8.0 has it, but when did it come along?  The bundled version of Photoshop 5.0 it came with has a pan slide show, just discovered it.

      Also, I am familiar with keyframes, would this be helpful with 3.0 pan? or do I need a newer version.  Any tutorials good for this?

      thank you

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Pan & Zoom is available in all versions that offer Keyframing on the fixed Effects>Motion>Scale (Zoom) and Motion>Position (Pan). What might have been introduced would be Presets to do those with "one button." Do not know when those came into being. I do not use them in PrE 4, and would not in PrE 8, or 9, as I want control, and also the ability to determine what MY subject is, in an image. No amount of AI can do that for me, so a simple Preset stands about a zero chance of doing exactly what I want.


          At some point, PSE added the automatic Random Pan & Zoom. Again, were I doing a slideshow in it, I would not apply such, as i would Keyframe Motion>Position and Motion>Scale in PrE.


          In PrE 3, I feel strongly that you have the Effects Control Panel (accessed via Edit Effects for a Clip/still), and the ability to Keyframe both Motion>Scale and Motion>Position. This allows one adjust the parameters for those Effects over time, i.e. create a Zoom, and create a Pan. Other than the fact that you do these by hand, by eye and by mind, but with ultimate control, you have the features - just not automatically applied via a single button.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            I second what Bill says. The feature has been there since version 1.0.


            In fact, there are actually several different ways to do it!

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