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    RAID 5 - Internal vs External

    rbilsbor Level 1

      Does anyone have any opinions on reliability and speed when it comes to building an internal vs external RAID? Here's looking at you, Harm!


      Note that I'm a Mac, so some considerations might be different from a PC, but in general, storage is storage I figure. I don't have much cash so I'm planning on getting 4 1TB drives (Samsung Spinpoint F3) and going RAID 5. At this point the question is whether I use this internal card (ARECA 1210) or this external enclosure (OWC 4-drive Mercury Pro). They're both $300.


      I was thinking the internal solution would be faster, but if you look at the benchmarks tab for the 4TB OWC enclosure, they're pushing 245MB/sec + for both read and write. Meanwhile one guy is getting 270MB/sec using the Areca card (had to search a bit to find a Mac RAID 5 benchmark!), but that's with 10,000 RPM drives. So I assume they're basically a wash when it comes to speed, which leaves me with this question:


      Would the internal solution be more reliable? I like the idea of portability for the external (you know, being able to take a finished edit to a colorist or sound mixer in another location), but I have had external arrays (cheap ones) fail on me in the past. Any insights? Thanks!