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    How to enable/disable a button by cheking the change state of checkbox in header renderer


      Hi Friends,



      How can i enable/disable a button in my main application when the check box in headere renderer changes.


      if check box is false then i have to make one button visible false. else true.


      I am using a header renderer in datagrid like this


                      <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="SEL" width="35" headerText=""
                      headerRenderer="CheckBoxHeaderRenderer"  editable="true" textAlign="center">
                                  <mx:VBox clipContent="false" horizontalAlign="center" verticalAlign="middle">
                                      <mx:CheckBox selected="{data.SEL}" click="parentDocument.selectrow(data.SEL=!data.SEL)"/>


      and my header renderer file is like this


      <mx:Canvas xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml"
                  import mx.controls.Button;
                  import mx.binding.utils.BindingUtils;
                  import mx.events.CollectionEvent;
                  import mx.controls.dataGridClasses.DataGridListData;
                  import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
                  import mx.controls.DataGrid;
                  import mx.controls.dataGridClasses.DataGridColumn;
                  import mx.controls.listClasses.BaseListData;
                  private var _listData:BaseListData;
                  private var _dataGrid:DataGrid;
                  private var _dataField:String;
                  [Bindable] private var _CBselected:Boolean;
                  [Bindable] private var _headerLabel:String;
                  private function onComplete():void {
                      //cb.setStyle("fontWeight", this.getStyle("fontWeight"));
                  public function get listData():BaseListData
                      return _listData;
                  public function set listData(value:BaseListData):void
                      _listData = value;
                      _dataGrid = value.owner as DataGrid;
                      _dataField = (value as DataGridListData).dataField;
                      _headerLabel = value.label;
                  override public function set data(value:Object):void {
                      super.data = value;
                      var column:DataGridColumn = value as DataGridColumn;
                      column.sortable = false;
                  private function checkForSelectedItems():void {
                      var dp:ArrayCollection = _dataGrid.dataProvider as ArrayCollection;
                      var n:Number = 0;
                      for(var i:int=0 ; i < dp.length ; i++){
                      if(n == dp.length){
                          _CBselected = true;
                  private function onCBchange(event:Event):void {
                      var dp:ArrayCollection = _dataGrid.dataProvider as ArrayCollection;
                      for(var i:int=0 ; i < dp.length ; i++){
                          dp[i][_dataField] = cb.selected;
          <mx:CheckBox id="cb" horizontalCenter="0" label="{_headerLabel}"
              change="onCBchange(event)" selected="{_CBselected}" />





         then i have to enable a button in main mxml file




         i have to disable the  button.



      also how can i get the count from this header renderer file to main.mxml?



      Thanks & Regards