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    Converting Flash file to Illustrator file - colours desaturated


      Hi there,


      Situation: I've drawn images in Flash CS4 and want to use them in After Effects (which only accepts Illustrator files) so I export the images as .AI files.


      Problem: When I open the .AI files in Illustrator OR After Effects, the colours are very 'grey' or desaturated.


      I am aware that this is because Flash works in RGB and Illustrator opens it as CMYK, but I don't know how to get around this! I've been searching on the internet for a few hours for a solution, but many of them seem to apply to Flash 8 or CS3 - still, I've tried so many of them but to no avail ):


      If there is another way to get Flash images into After Effects, I'd love to know!


      Thanks heaps, any advice would be much appreciated (: