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    MessagingService on Blazeds. Best practices ?

    Jean Demonceau Level 1


      I need to make my flex application communicate with an AIR app on separated server.

      The solutions I found is to communicate with MessagingService and it works.


      The Flex app sends messages on a destination "A" and is subscribed to a destination "B" for server response.

      The AIR app sends messages on the destination "B" and is subscribed to the destination "A" for client requests.


      I tryed using streaming amf communication but I don't know why, when I reload the AIR app or Flex app too much time, they are not able to connect anymore and I have to reload the domain...


      So I choosed pooling communication and it seems to works better but not without any problems...

      So the AIR app is subscribed on a destination using the pooling waiting for a message from the flex app.

      The air app is supposed to run 24/7.


      I wonder if it isn't "bad" for the server to have an app that pools each 3 sec 24/7.

      I often have my java process up to 100% and I have to reload the domain.... and that a really bad things because I have a lot a websites on the domain...


      I saw nowhere on the internet that we have to close, unsubscribe or something else to not overhead the java process...


      What is the best practice ? What can I do to let the AIR app running 24/7 waiting for messages without being afraid of any crash ?

      Is there a command to see if there are unclosed connection ? awaiting messages ? so I will be able to seek the problem.