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    Precomposing Question




      precomposing is a cool thing, but I have one question about it, where I didn't find an answer yet:


      To make clear, what I am meaning, I describe an example here:


      1. I made a text
      2. I precomposed it
      3. On the precomposed layer i did many things, like applying effects etc...
      4. I precomposed that layer with effects again (nested precompose)


      now I have a precomposed layer with all effect settings, that I could use many times ...


      Now I want to duplicate it, cause I want to use it multiple times within my composition. In the duplicated layer I want to change the text. Now I have also to duplicate the nested precomposition and in there the text. After that I have two different precompositions of the same thing, but with a different text. When I want to fix/change something later on this precomposition I have to do it on all duplicated precompositions...


      Now my question, is it possible to use a precomposed layer, as described above, as a kind of template. I don't want to physically copy it, I just want to make an instance of it where the text withing that is changeable...


      Text is only an example, it could also be a picture or video footage,....


      Is this possible with After Effects CS5, and if yes, how?

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          Ryan Williams 87

          If all you are doing is applying effects in the text precomp, couldn't you take all of the effects

          and make them a preset and then apply it? And if you want to change any of the effects, you would globally change your preset?

          Just a suggestion, not even sure if I am following you correctly or even if my idea would work. Just a thought.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Read the answer provided on Video Copilot. And for the life of it, read this. You opened new user accounts on several forums just to plaster the same basic question all over the place, which is nothing short of ridiculous. You only wasted time that you could have better spent reading the help or watching Andrew's tutorials .



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              agorumgmbh Level 1

              ok, I am sorry... normally different people are active on different boards, so I tried to get a wider attention on my problem ;-)


              I will stay active in the other board... you can close this one