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    Looping movie playback and seeking


      Hello Adobe Forums!


      We're trying to build a presentation in Adobe Acrobat in which the user can seek to specific points in time in a movie file. Since the presentations runs on a touch-enabled PC on an exhibition, we want to avoid using the build in movie controls. Instead, we're using buttons and the multimedia function "multimedia_seek".


      Now, all that button pressing and movie seeking works fine, but there is one problem: the movie is supposed to loop all day, but i can't find the option for that. Even saving the movie as MOV and setting it to loop forever doen't help. I sure could export a FLV movie and set a cuePoint at the very last frame to tell Acrobat to jump to the beginning, but there seems to be a resolution limitation to FLVs (the presentation runs in portrait mode, so it is 1280 pixels in height).


      I also tried to embed the video as an Acrobat 6 compatible movie and then use the Acrobat 6 multimedia functions, since you can set the playback to repeat there pretty easy. But seeking around the movie seems to require some JavaScript skills (which I lack ... massively), so that was no option either.


      I'm pretty sure there is an easy way to tell that movie to loop, am I right?


      Thank you for your help!