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    WebHelp tool bar: Edit Skin for company Logo


      I have used RoboHelp HTML7 to develop a WebHelp for an application. While using skin editor, I am able to add personalized buttons in tool bar such as for Contents, Index and Search. However, when I try to add a custom logo in tool bar background, the logo image repeats throughout the background (multiple instances rather than the single instance of image file that I want to set as right-aligned). Is there a workaround for this?


      If there is no option to get a logo here, I have another question. At present, the logo is part of  HTML souce files (right aligned) and I have set breadcrumbs to be left aligned. Is there a way I can align the logo image to breadcrumbs links? I am not so hopeful since I understand that both - the breadcrumbs and logo image, are individual components and need their own space across the page.


      Thank you in advance for your time.