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    adding items to ArrayCollection problem


      Hi all,


      I have an ArrayCollection that I want to add items to through a function that looks like this:

              public function addBodyShapePoint(sh:String, sc:Number):void{
                  bodyShapePoints.addItem({shape:sh, score:sc});


      I want to be able to access the items by using bodyShapePoints[i].shape etc.


      However the syntax I am using does not work. I do not get any error message, it's just that the app freezes when it gets to that point.

      If I take the line "bodyShapePoints.addItem({shape:shape, score:score});" away everything works fine.

      I have checked that the values are passed properly and come through to the function and such, it is only that line that does not work.


      What am I doing wrong?