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    Server rename & links (CS5 & 10.6)


      Our existing server (Windows 2003) will be decommissioned shortly and replaced with a newer storage server (Windows 2008). From past experience I know this will wreak havoc with our designers and as such we have been liaising with them. Our designers run OSX 10.6 with a mixture of CS3/CS4/CS5.


      The bad news is we don't seem to be able to find a sure fire way of preventing any linking problems! Can you guys help?


      At present for our lead designer, the links in a .INDD file look like;




      I don't know why the links look like this... but, ultimately, what will change is the server name, so from SVR01 to SVR02 (for example)


      Can I modify the links of all our INDD files easily to reflect this?


      Our designers don't package their documents.

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          Marijan Tompa [tomaxxi] Level 4



          I think Kasyan Servetsky posted script here on forum. Try searching forum, or take look at his scripts collection: http://www.kasyan.ho.com.ua/my_scripts.html





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            jamesv1ncent Level 1

            I've tried a few of the scripts, but they don't seem to play with CS5, unless I'm doing something wrong....

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              Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

              I haven't posted some of my new scripts on my site yet, but here, on InDesign forum, I posted a script that might be of interest to you.

              Warning! I haven't tested it with CS5 — only with CS3/4.



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                jamesv1ncent Level 1

                Kasyan, that was one of the scripts I tested yesterday, but it didn't seem to work

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                  [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                  Try this: Create a folder "Version 6.0 Scripts" in your User Scripts folder, and put Kasyan's script in there. (This special folder name instructs ID to relax a little on the error messages.)

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                    Kasyan Servetsky Level 5


                    I just tested it on CS5 (7.0.1 Mac) and it works for me. I am not lucky in that our admin haven't changed our server names for years, so I don't have such a problem -- even when I open a file created on Windows on Mac, or vice versa, InDesign silently updates all the paths, it finds them even if a folder name changed.


                    So I made a little test:


                    1. Created an ID document on Windows (CS3)

                    Paths of links looks like so:



                    2. Deleted "images" folder -- otherwise ID finds them


                    3. Opened, converted and resaved the document in CS5 -- all links are missing now


                    4. Restored the deleted folder in Links panel paths look like so:

                    Macintosh HD:

                    (ID tried to find missing links and screwed paths up)


                    5. I manually relinked a link to see a correct path -- it looks like this:



                    6. Reverted the document.


                    7. Run the script with parameters on the sceengrab -- all links were restored.

                    Change paths.png


                    Note: Preferences > File handling > Preserve image dimensions when relinking should be checked on.


                    As far as I am concerned, I don't have this problem -- but often see on forums that other people encounter it -- that's why I wrote this script (and its numerous variations). But I have no idea how useful/less it is, and if it works for anybody except me.


                    Anyway, if you want me to continue developing it, I need more detailed input, sample files, screengrabs, etc -- just saying that it doesn't work is not enough for me to figure out the problem.






                    P.S. To quickly get path of a link in CS4/5, right click in Links panel and choose "Copy Platform Style Path"