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    Paul Riggott Missing   (Programmer Needed)


      The active members of this forum know how brilliant Paul Riggott is. 


      I was fortunate to be the benificiary to Paul's genious as he so kindly offered his skills to me as he helped me create an entire JS application for use within Photoshop.


      Recently I have lost the source code to all of Paul's work and also lost his e-mail address.


      So I am on the hunt to hire a programmer to help me re-create the application that Paul made for me.


      If you dabble in JS and JSX programming and would like to take on a new project for a little side money, please let me know via email. 

          tim at rileyphotographic dot com



      The application creates JSX script based on user input.   For example the app write's scripts to activate Photoshop Actions that the user has selected.


      drop me a line if you interested.