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    "Capture Device Offline" message


      I borrowed a friend's SONY camcorder to shoot some footage. He suggested Adobe Premiere for editing it. I downloaded the trial software and now I'm trying to capture the video. I had to buy a firewire card to connect to my computer. When I load Premiere, I go to the project and try to capture, but above a black screen it says, "Capture Device Offline." I'm pretty sure that my card, cable, and camcorder are all connected properly. I surmised this since when I connected them all, the screen on the camcorder went from saying "16bit" to "DV IN". I've read a bunch of the forum topics on this, but the solutions don't seem to be exactly related to what's going on here. I checked my Device Manager and there's no exclamation mark next to the IEEE 1394... nor its subfolder, VIA 1394 OHCI...


      I'm only somewhat computer savvy, so I'm hoping someone can assist. Thanks,



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          First, since you use a trial version you can only capture DV, not HDV. Set your camera accordingly.


          Second change your IEEE1394 driver to the version that contains Legacy in the description.


          Both issues have been adressed numerous times and can easily be found by some searching.

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            calebhand01 Level 1

            I wish I knew how to do either of those two things. Like I said, it's a borrowed camera, so I don't know how to adjust things like DV and HDV. Also, like I said, I'm only slightly computer savvy, so I have no idea what you mean by Legacy nor how to change such a thing. Thanks for trying. If you can help further, I'd appreciate it. Anyone else?



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Go to Device Manager and check that your driver is indicated like this:


              6-7-2010 0-44-06.jpg


              If it does not contain the word Legacy, double click on the device, select update driver, browse and then let me pick,


              6-7-2010 0-46-49.jpg

              and select the one with the word Legacy in it.


              For the camera settings, consult the manual.

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                calebhand01 Level 1

                I did as you suggested, but when I double clicked on the device to update the driver, it asks if I want to search for a driver or browse. I chose search and then it says, "windows has determined that my driver is up to date." No option for Legacy.

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  Well, I said:


                  select update driver, browse and then let me pick,


                  "Counting in decimal is the same as counting in binary, if you are all thumbs."

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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    >borrowed a friend's SONY camcorder


                    If you don't have the camera manual, Google for the exact model... or just go to Sony and search... and find a download of the manual as PDF so you may read

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                      Stanley Arthur Level 3

                      Thanks for the instructions, Harm. This saved me from pulling the rest of my hair out.

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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        In that case, we better join the "Meat-cap" society.

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                          calebhand01 Level 1

                          Sorry. I was able to change to Legacy. Now I just need to figure out how to switch to DV rather than HDV.



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                            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            HDV can be captured as DV.

                            There usually is a setting in the camera that says

                            something like: Downconvert from HDV to DV.

                            Which camera is it?

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                              calebhand01 Level 1

                              It's a Sony DCR TRV950 Handycam. I can't figure out where that conversion setting is.

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                                Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                That's a dv camera no HD what so ever.

                                Set sequence to DV PAL/NTSC standard or widescreen.

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                                  calebhand01 Level 1

                                  Sorry, I'm borrowing the camera and I don't really know much about these things. Do I set that sequence in Premiere or on the camera? Is it too much to tell me how to do so?



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                                    Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                    The camera should be on PLAY

                                    Your Premiere sequence settings should be DV PAL or NTSC (dont know where you live) Standard for 4:3 footage and Widescreen for 16:9 footage.

                                    DONT ever connect or disconnect the camera to the pc when the camera is on. Always do this when the camera is OFF. Otherwise you will blow up the firewire connection of the camera and that is pretty expensive to get repaired.


                                    dv timeline.png

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                                      calebhand01 Level 1

                                      That setting was already there.


                                      When you said the camera should be on PLAY, do you mean just press play and let the video stream on the camera's display? I tried that, but it didn't seem to matter. I still get the "Capture Device Offline" message.



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                                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                                        Quit PR. Turn off the camera.


                                        Connect the camera by firewire to the PC. Turn the camera on by setting it to VCR. Windows will ask you what you want to do. Choose Edit with PR.

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                                          calebhand01 Level 1

                                          I did all that, but Windows didn't ask me to do anything. I tried restarting PR and had the camera on at the time (tried off first also). Still can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.



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                                            Harm Millaard Level 7

                                            Then your problem is the firewire connection. If Windows does not recognize the camera something outside of PR is wrong. Camera, firewire card or cable.

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                                              Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                              From Bill Engeler:


                                              "The "DV IN" on the screen is not a  good sign.  This indicates a problem with the Firewire connection. It  might be the camera, or it might be the FW card, but it probably is not a  problem with Premiere.


                                              When you connect, do you hear a ding-**** from the computer?  If not, try reinstalling the FW card.  In any case, even if you do hear the ding-****, reinstall it anyways.


                                              Go to Device Manager.

                                              Right-click on the IEEE 1394 device and choose UNINSTALL.

                                              Click on the icon on the top of the device manager with the little key image to redetect hardware (or just reboot).

                                              It will reinstall automatically.  You may have to go back and choose the legacy driver as before.


                                              Connect the camera.

                                              Set the camera on play, and if there is card/tape selector, set it to tape.   If the camera is set to read from the memory card, you can't download  from tape (I'm not certain about the exact settings on Sonys)

                                              Open Premiere and capture.

                                              If  it still doesn't work, try to capture with another program, like  windows movie maker.  If it still doesn't work, try connecting to  another computer.

                                              If you still can't connect, the Firewire connection on the camera is likely to be faulty.

                                              If  you can connect to another computer, this indicates a problem with the  firewire card on your PC, and you should change it for a more compatible  card.


                                              Best of luck."

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                                                calebhand01 Level 1

                                                After a trip to the local computer store since I thought it might be the wire, we found out something else. Apparently Windows 7 does not support streaming video for the Sony DCR-TRV950. This means I have to find an XP system to use to capture the video from this relatively old camera. How frustrating this day has been. Thank you all for your help.



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                                                  Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                                  Nonsense.  I just captured several minutes of DV from my TRV-950 in CS5 under Windows 7.



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                                                    Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                    I am glad it is not just in our country where pc stores give such bad info on camera's, hardware and editing.

                                                    I recently captured some Digital 8 footage with W7 and the driver is not even on legacy.

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                                                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                                                      What is the Dutch version of "Geek Squad?"*




                                                      * The name of the service department of a large US electronics chain

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                                                        calebhand01 Level 1

                                                        It actually wasn't the store. It was the Sony website.



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                                                          calebhand01 Level 1

                                                          Well, going on what I found out, I decided to try using my laptop which is Windows XP. I bought a PCMCIA firewire port card. Because my laptop is older and doesn't have the requirements for Adobe Premiere CS5, I downloaded Adobe Premiere Elements. I hooked up the camera via the firewire last night and still no "ding" when I plugged in. When I go to My Computer, I don't see the camera there as I would see a flashdrive or other item. When I opened Premiere, it had the same error "Capture Device Offline." I'm so frustrated with this whole process!!!! What am I doing wrong?



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                                                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                                                            I'd look into the cable, and then the camera. If two OS's and different FW connectors yield the same results, something is wrong.


                                                            Good luck, and hope that it is just the cable.



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                                                              ThornieG Level 1

                                                              I see that this thread is marked as answered, but as I have found a slightly different solution I shall mention it here.

                                                              I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and have installed Adobe PP CS5. I have just tried to capture standard DV from my old handycam and encountered the same problem as outlined above.

                                                              After trying most of the fixes without success I finally worked out a solution that worked for me. Here it is and I hope it helps.

                                                              • Connect the camera to the PC using a firewire and when prompted by Windows select edit video in Premiere Pro.
                                                              • When PP opens, or you already have PP open, go to File>Capture  and the Capture window appears. At the top you will see the message "Capture Device Offline".
                                                                Here you can test whether or not your device is  connected properly by clicking on the play button at the bottom of the dialogue box which should start the tape playing in your camera. You won't see anything happen in the Capture box .
                                                              • Click on the Settings  tab in the Capture window and under Capture Settings  click on Edit...and change the Capture Format from the default HDV  to DV  and click OK.
                                                              • The capture window should now show the connection to your camera. .
                                                              • You can also change the Device control settings here, but I have no idea what happens if you don't. I usually check all my settings, especially things such as PAL etc...

                                                              You can later change the Preferences, if you like, by going to Edit>Preferences>Device Control> Options which should avoid you having to do this each time.

                                                              I will just mention ( not strictly speaking related ) that another bug in CS5 seems to be an error message that comes up if you have a lot of scenes and you use split scene, as I do. The message says "SRC\FileManager\FileManagerIMPC.cpp -94".

                                                              If you get this message, the capture will appear to stall, but as long as the tape is still running in your camera, leave it alone. Do nothing. The footage is still being captured to your Hard Drive.

                                                              Once the tape has finished, close the error message which will close Prem Pro.

                                                              You will then need to re-open the project and import the captured files from the folder you captured it to.

                                                              Just one last suggestion. If for some reason this does not work for you, and it should as long as your firewire connection is sound, you can always capture DV footage using Windows Movie Maker in Windows XP, or by using Photo Gallery in Vista or Windows 7. It does a pretty good job and saves you having to install another program.