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    Nested movie clip keeps looping

    marionUHI1 Level 1

      I need some help please, I'm going insane.


      I have a two-frame movie clip, each frame has a stop() action.   This movie clip, instanced "btn", is inside another which has one frame, also with a stop action.  This second movie clip is instanced "ctrl".  The file is called mcCtrl.fla


      From another file, which I consider my main movie, I am using the following to load mcCtrl.swf


      this.createEmptyMovieClip("hldrCtrl", getNextHighestDepth());
      this.createEmptyMovieClip("checkLoaded", getNextHighestDepth());
      checkLoaded.onEnterFrame = function ()
         if (hldrCtrl._width > 0)
            hldrCtrl._width = 140;
            hldrCtrl._height = 450;



      Everything works fine except that the "btn" movie clip keeps looping.   I can't figure it out.