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    RoboHelp v7 Publishing error




      I am not a RoboHelp user, but my team is now tasked with support of RoboHelp v7. Although we have multiple users not having a problem when attempting to publish, I have one user who continue's to get the following error:


      The title bar of the error window states: WebHelp Pro

      Publishing has been cancelled.

      Connection failed. Please check the connection and post again.

      Native error: Access Denied.


      The client has had this problem for a couple days now. Prior to that it worked fine, There is no other computer with RoboHelp installed within the department he works in. So, I cannot have him log into another pc to try it.


      Is the Access Denied a rights issue with the server not allowing him to access it? I read of similar errors in the forums. Those talked of bogus temp files created on the server that need to be deleted. However, wouldn't that have an effect on more then one user?


      Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated for this newbie to RoboHelp 7 support.





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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Does the server have RoboHelp Server installed on it? If not then WebHelp Pro is the wrong output.


          If it does have that installed, are the other authors also publishing to that server or they all working on different projects with different publishing locations?


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            Sledge4cp Level 1



            Thanks for the reply. RoboHelp Server is installed. (As a matter of fact a project is underway to upgrade all clients including the server version 8).


            Other authors in his department can use his pc as well as their own pc to publish their projects. Other departments using the same application do publish their projects to different locations.


            I have learned that the user having the problem is a newer employee (at least to the department) and has never been able to publish since taking on this roll.


            Would it be safe to assume that he does not have the proper/necessary rights to the departments given location on the server?




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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              I am not a RoboHelp Server user so I would prefer that someone who is comes in on this. However, if other users can log into that PC and publish and it is just this user who cannot, it would seem a pretty safe bet that it is a permissions thing.


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                Sledge4cp Level 1

                That is what I am leaning now to, as well. Thanks for the information.

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                  Hi, Jim and welcome to the forums


                  Given your scenario, I would bet that it is a permission problem. At some point, IT will have to diagnose if it's a firewall or watched port or virus software issue that is blocking the author from the server. It never fails. Once that is resolved everything should be OK.


                  In addition, I think you will really like the "new" (for you) RoboHelp Server 8 as it was re-written by Adobe and is a much newer technology than the old RoboEngine and RoboHelp Server 7.

                  Hope this gives you a direction to isolate the problem.



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