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    Submit / Clear Question Buttons

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      Is it possible to substitute a graphic for the quiz question "submit"
      button... perhaps if I hand-edit every question?


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          sean@realeyes.com Level 1
          Hey Sam,

          There isn't a way insert a graphic via Presenter, but you can be creative and have PPT 2007 (not sure if this works in 2003??)

          create quiz question
          in PPT, highlight the submit button, right click
          select "format shape"
          under "fill", select picture or texture fill
          from there you can insert your image, set transparency, etc/
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            robva65 Level 2
            Hey guys!

            The same is also possible in ppt 2003. You can also create the same kinds of effects for the feedback boxes, although I wouldn't normally recommend it because of the likelihood of having different sized feedback text elements. If you resize the feedback text box, you could end up with some rather funky-looking images...even with the resizing option enabled.

            As for the submit/reset buttons, you can also style the individual components that make up the buttons...you just have to be careful where you click. I have an example here:


            Navigate to the third slide and hopefully you'll see that the main "face" of the button was treated with a gradient and the nested rectangle in the background has a different color stroke.

            Couple other things to note: once you style the buttons:
            1. the formatting should remain intact EVEN if you go back and mess around with the Quiz Manager dialog box
            2. the buttons you've styled can be copied/pasted from one question slide to another. Caveat: make absolutely sure you've deleted extra instances of the submit/reset buttons...you don't want to leave copies hanging around! This has drastically cut down the amount of production time to create various assets for a Breeze course. Even with Sean's idea of using imagery for the buttons (which not only works, but it's a great alternative to the boring grey-on-grey scheme [kudos to you Sean!]), you'd either need to treat each button on a slide by slide basis, or you could simply copy/paste whereever you need the buttons.

            Last note (promise!): It is also possible to create an asset library of Breeze objects...feedback boxes, buttons, etc (we have a deck titled BreezeLibrary.ppt). The idea here is that if you have a presentation with these elements in it, you could also copy/paste from your library deck into a destination ppt. We have a few for various clients; in all cases, things like the submit/reset buttons have already been styled according to our client's branding guidelines.

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              Thanks to both of you for your support.

              Rob - nice job on your quiz.

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                Are there any benefits to using PP 2007 to author a course in Presenter?

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                  robva65 Level 2

                  Personally, I have not seen any major benefit to using 2007 as of yet. I will admit, however, that I have 2 machines running and the majority of work is done on the laptop that has PPT 2003. I'm sure others will have additional feedback to provide...

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                    sean@realeyes.com Level 1
                    Main benefit is the Presenter 6.1 offers cute little icons, rather then the drop down menu. no functionality difference/increase that I have seen (except for some audio items shared in this forum)
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                      flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
                      On benefit of using PPT 07 is that it will accept animated gif files and when you publish they will still be animated! This doesn't seem to work in PPT 03 or earlier.